Real Housewives spotlight Burkina Faso Fashion Designer

The Real Housewives franchise has become a sort of guilty pleasure for me, whether it is the table throwing of NJ or the not quite southern charm of Atlanta. Within one of the newest installments (DC), viewers are given a glimpse of politics and the international connections of America’s capitol city. This past week’s episode provided a highlight of fashion and culture coming from the country of Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso designer Clara Lawson-Ames showed off her line of couture dresses at an embassy event. The designs provide a mix of the best in traditional fit and fabric in a variety of couture styles. The clothes on the show (including the dress worn by one of the Housewives at the event) were elegant and beautiful. It was a great opportunity for the show to highlight the great fashion coming from this country and this designer. For more photos from the episode and the event Click Here

The show also continued to follow one of the characters, Stacie, as she struggles to find her Nigerian biological father. After a visit to the Nigerian Embassy, she learns more about being Ibo and the state where her father is from. Like the fashion show, this conversation provided insight to the viewer on the cultures within the country. It also shows the connections that are possible in DC because of the number of embassies in the city. DC residents can attend events celebrating cultures from all over the world without leaving their city.

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