Who’s Your Daddy?

When I travel I love to stay in places that are unique and different. With the increase in multinational ownership of the tourism industry it is at times difficult to find something that doesn’t look and feel like the same place from city to city. That is until I visited Cape Town and the Grand Daddy Hotel. Picture a fancy trailer park full of Airstream silver trailers intermixed with an open air bar to bring the local neighbors together. You just pictured the rooftop trailer park at the Grand Daddy Hotel. As if the Airstream trailers were not a unique enough experience, each trailer is different and has been personally designed by a South African designer. They are made for 2 to 4 guests and the rooftop would be a perfect way to bring together friends and family for a fun vacation or event-based (e.g. bachelor parties, weddings, family reunions) type of getaway.

My trailer was the Afro Funk’d which featured Mandela pillows and images of the African safari. It is tiny and would be impossible for more than myself to navigate but the experience was not to be missed. How often can you say you were in a trailer above the streets of Cape Town?

The hotel has regular rooms which are also comfortable and a fun bar (The Daddy Cool Bar) where the locals and tourists mix. As a HUGE mojito fan I had one of the best mojitos of my life prepared by Sandla who added Captain Morgan’s Rum to give it his signature flavor. The music is fun and the neighborhood around the hotel is full of other bars and fun restaurants so you are still central to other fun things to do in the city.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world full of great food, great music, and several cultural activities. The Grand Daddy Hotel is just one of the many highlights that makes this city one of a kind and a not to be missed experience. For more information on Cape Town and things to do in the Western Cape visit: www.tourismcapetown.co.za

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One Response to Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. Chanda says:

    I love the story you tell with these pictures. The next time I travel, I’m going to consider using a local hotel versus one of the big chains. Sounds like you get a more authentic, local experience this way.

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