South African Stadium wins “World’s Best Sports Building”

The third annual World Architecture Festival was held in Barcelona, Spain from November 3-5 this year and South Africa’s Soccer City, National Stadium won for World’s Best Sports Building. Every structure that entered into this category had to fulfill immense technical requirements that would accommodate regional, national and international sporting events.

The building is described as “…representing a regional approach aimed to integrate the urban context of Johannesburg , its society and the historical mining industry along with African culture as a whole. The outside of the stadium is designed to have the appearance of an African pot; the cladding on the outside is a mosaic of fire and earthen colours with a ring of lights running around the bottom of the structure, simulating fire underneath the pot.”

Since the World Cup was just held in South Africa, this stadium received a lot of attention and is getting more positive publicity with this award.  Also known as “the calabash” because of its resemblance of the gourd, this stadium is the largest in Africa, with a seating capacity of 94,700.

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