Hollywood, Bollywood and now Nollywood

I’ve known about Hollywood my whole life, I’ve known about India’s film industry Bollywood for quite a few years, but it was only recently that I learned about Nigeria’s film industry Nollywood.  I’m feeling a little out of the loop since according to Wikipedia, the Nigerian cinema industy is the second in the world, behind India and ahead of the United States.

 On Friday, Project Africa hosted a Nollywood event and showed the film, “Coronation”.  The film is set as a critique of the ozo title in the Igbo community of South-Eastern Nigeria.  It focuses on Akwaika, a young wealthy man who desires to receive the ozo title in his community.  Originally a poor man, trained by his brother and uncle, Akwaika becomes rich and forgets all those who helped educate him.

It took awhile for me to get into the movie, but I found myself becoming more interested as the movie progressed. While the acting led something to be desired and the links between scenes was disjointed, the movie addressed issues of power, politics and family in a way that promoted discussion.

The scene I posted below shows Akwaika talking to his brother’s widow. The widow cannot afford his funeral and so she goes to Akwaika to ask for money to help her out. Akwaika says he will help her if she sleeps with him. She reacts strongly to that request and runs off, passing a friend on the road.  The friend goes to talk to Akwaika, also asking for help because he has helped Akwaika in the past. But Akwaika is unwilling to help- believing his friend is jealous of his success. 

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