Death to Aid

In this audio commentary, we reflect on the work of Dambisa Moyo and her book Dead Aid – Why Aid isn’t Working and Why There is a Better Way for Africa. A Harvard and Oxford educated economist hailing from Zambia, Moyo sees aid as a problem that is hurting the economic growth of African nations. Though not against humanitarian aid, she sees large government to government loans and grants, as roadblocks to positive economic development in countries throughout the continent. In her New York Times Best Seller she explains her stance on why aid breeds corruption and the ways that celebrities have created negative images of Africa. She believes all aid to Africa should be cut over the next 5 to 10 years. These countries should instead access the bond market, set up microfinance opportunities, work with China and have increase opportunities for trade and investment. Only with these changes, does she see African nations as having a chance to progress and improve. For the interview with Sir David Frost that is included in the commentary visit THIS PAGE on Youtube. For the full story on Brian Williams and Bono in West Africa GO HERE.

She was one of 20 individuals highlighted in Oprah’s 2009 list of Powerful Leaders and has spoken all over the globe on issues of Aid and African Development. She has used her Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and Twitter to spread the word about her book and work, quickly becoming an international representative for the African perspective in any development discussion.

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