Colonial Africa’s DNA discovered in Disney Cartoon

Trapped in this polished tree sap is a mosquito with colonialism's DNA

Just like Dr. John Hammond in Jurassic Park discovered dinosaur DNA in a mosquito that was trapped in ancient tree sap, I stumbled upon a Disney cartoon from the 1940s that contains the DNA of colonial Africa. In this clip, Goofy goes on an African safari  that is narrated by somebody who might as well be Marlo from Heart of Darkness. The descriptions are not too flattering and in the first 10 seconds Africa is described as “the dark continent, the unknown, black forboading, mysterious, and vast stretches of wasteland”. Despite this, I think the cartoon is valuable from a historical perspective because it frames how Africa was percieved by the west during the 1940s. This is sad because today, 7 decades later, many people in the West still view Africa in this manner.

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