We are three New School graduate students who have created a blog that seeks to open up dialogue about the African continent through culture, history and media.

TCBailey is a global traveler, who has visited every continent outside of Antarctica. She currently is a student in the Anthropology department at the New School for Social Science Research focusing on issues of tourism, identity, globalization and local impacts. She has conducted fieldwork looking at a variety of topics in tourism including Afro-Brazilian tourist traditions in the celebration of Carnaval, the impact of sustainable tourism initiatives on local communities in Costa Rica, and the ability of Black South Africans to participate in tourism post-apartheid and leading up to the 2010 World Cup. She has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland and a Master of Arts with a concentration in globalization, sustainable development and tourism from New York University. She serves as a consultant for the U.S. Corporation for National and Community Service assisting large national non-profits in program design and federal grants management and has worked for over 10 years in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. Her interest in the Africa and the West course stems from a desire to broaden her knowledge of the African continent and to build on her research on identity and tourism within the African diaspora.

Hjlawton is a first year student in the International Affairs Program at The New School for General Studies.  Her interest in International Affairs developed from her travels in Southern Africa, Vietnam and Mexico.  Originally from the great state of Maine, hjlawton got her B.A in Comparative Politics from Clark University in Worcester, MA. After graduating, she went on to work for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, where she developed a passion for women’s rights and reproductive health care.   Upon completion of her masters degree, she hopes to work for an organization that provides reproductive health care to women in Southern Africa.

 AngryCat83 (a.k.a. Youssef Benlamlih) is an international nomad who has grown up in Morocco, Oman, Djibouti, USA, Malawi, and Kuwait. He comes from a multi-cultural background (Moroccan/Panamanian) and is multi-lingual speaking English, French, Spanish and a bit of Arabic. His passion for Africa began when he spent 5 years of his pre-teen and early teenage years in Malawi, an experience that had a deep impact on his life. He graduated in 2006 with a BA in cultural anthropology from Drew University, and did a semester abroad in 2005 at the University of Asmara in Eritrea, where he conducted field research on Eritrean pastoralists. He is a Master’s candidate in International Affairs at the New School in New York, and his interest in development has taken him to Indonesia to do a summer internship with UNDP working with indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs. Currently, he is completing a yearlong internship with the International Rescue Committee’s West Africa, Central African Republic, Great Lakes, and Haiti regional unit (WACARGL & Haiti) where he provides direct support in the management of 115 grant-funded projects across 8 African countries. He is a heavy metal/rock music fanatic and is currently recording a demo on the subjects of war and peace inspired from African contexts. His blog alias (Angrycat), is in reference to his pet cat who always seems to be annoyed.


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