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Colonial Africa’s DNA discovered in Disney Cartoon

Just like Dr. John Hammond in Jurassic Park discovered dinosaur DNA in a mosquito that was trapped in ancient tree sap, I stumbled upon a Disney cartoon from the 1940s that contains the DNA of colonial Africa. In this clip, Goofy goes on an African safari  that … Continue reading

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Professor Chris Blattman speaks at the New School

Last week Chris Blattman, Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science at Yale, came to speak at the New School regarding his work with ex-child soldiers in Uganda and post conflict development. After his presentation the floor was opened to … Continue reading

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Boycotting Conflict Minerals?

In Adam Hochschild’s excerpt entitled “The Blood Diamond Myth”, the acclaimed historian and author is doubtful that the boycotting of ‘blood minerals’ from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) would improve the situation for the Congolese people. His reasons … Continue reading

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