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Immigrating through the arts

New York City is the central hub of arts in the United States. Home to hundreds of theaters and the ultimate theater center “Broadway”, performing artists from around the world move to this city to hopefully make their mark in … Continue reading

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Colonial Africa’s DNA discovered in Disney Cartoon

Just like Dr. John Hammond in Jurassic Park discovered dinosaur DNA in a mosquito that was trapped in ancient tree sap, I stumbled upon a Disney cartoon from the 1940s that contains the DNA of colonial Africa. In this clip, Goofy goes on an African safari  that … Continue reading

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Highlight of South African Fashion Designer

South African Designer David Tlale was featured during JoBurg Fashion Week for his cutting edge collection. The South African fashion industry is a billion dollar industry that creates jobs and resources for the local population.

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Pray the Devil Back to Hell

On Monday night, I attended a viewing of the documentary, Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  The movie, which won Best Documentary at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, is an emotional and empowering piece about the Liberian civil war and … Continue reading

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10 Interesting Nigerian Facts

The Atlanta Post did a list of 10 Things You Could Learn from a Nigerian that provided highlights of some the great achievements and accomplishments of Nigerians. This includes owning Gatwick Airport in the UK and the successful career of … Continue reading

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The Congo on Broadway

On a cold and rainy Thursday, I headed down 42nd Street towards the Lion Theatre. I was walking to see the off broadway play A Season in the Congo that was being produced by Rico Workshop Productions in celebration of … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Daddy?

When I travel I love to stay in places that are unique and different. With the increase in multinational ownership of the tourism industry it is at times difficult to find something that doesn’t look and feel like the same … Continue reading

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