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Colonial Africa’s DNA discovered in Disney Cartoon

Just like Dr. John Hammond in Jurassic Park discovered dinosaur DNA in a mosquito that was trapped in ancient tree sap, I stumbled upon a Disney cartoon from the 1940s that contains the DNA of colonial Africa. In this clip, Goofy goes on an African safari  that … Continue reading

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Pray the Devil Back to Hell

On Monday night, I attended a viewing of the documentary, Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  The movie, which won Best Documentary at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, is an emotional and empowering piece about the Liberian civil war and … Continue reading

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Half a Century of Independence for The Democratic Republic of the Congo

International news website France24 hosted a discussion about The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s 50 years of independence. What have the last 50 years looked like and what does the future hold for this country of 70 million? Participating in … Continue reading

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The Congo on Broadway

On a cold and rainy Thursday, I headed down 42nd Street towards the Lion Theatre. I was walking to see the off broadway play A Season in the Congo that was being produced by Rico Workshop Productions in celebration of … Continue reading

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Profiles on Nigeria Episode 1

In celebration of Nigeria’s Celebration of 50 years of Independence we are asking Nigerians and Nigerian Americans to share a little about how they feel the country has changed in the last 50 years and what are common misconceptions held … Continue reading

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Racism in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”?

“Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad is frequently among the many books that students will be assigned to read during their time in school.  European colonialism, morality and the levels of darkness that the protagonist encounters are all topics for … Continue reading

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